Sunwing Memories Resort photo 2


On January 16th 2014 memories resort was scheduled to open and Sunwings first fleet of the flights were ready for takeoff.

The result may have not started as smooth as expected howeverthe result may have not started as smooth as expected however it is always great for snowbirds to find somewhere relatively close to bask in the Sun. Sunwing Memories Resort photo 3

For the first group of Canadians will grace the memories resort the weather made it all worthwhile.

Memories is expected to be fully functional by March 2014.

Fortunately for Canadians who are interested in still visiting the island of Grand Bahama they have a number of options for resorts.

Sunwing Memories Resort photo 1

Most importantly the weather is right and it feels like a summer day. Especially today today was about 80 something degrees Fahrenheit. Speaking of which what might be a shocker for first time Canadian visitors is the fact that we use Fahrenheit not Celsius.