House Hunter's International features the sale of Leaf Cay in Exuma Bahamas

Watching the exciting sale of Leaf Cay on House Hunters International I knew there were lots of opportunities on the way for this new Bahamas resort.

Leaf Cay it’s a beautiful one and happens to be very close to the popular Staniel Cay Yacht Club on Staniel Cay located in The Bahamas. It is yet another gem ready for its time to shine. This cay is conveniently located the top of the Exuma cay chain.

One thing I must say about every single Island of the Bahamas is the fact that every place has something completely different to offer. And just in case you are not aware what a cay is a cay is actually a small island.

The Bahamas it’s made of seven hundred islands on keys this is just one of them.