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This week I had the privilege of attending a local Social Welfare Month presentation at a school in Grand Bahama. It was one of the most touching experiences that I have ever had. I watched the eyes of the youngsters light up as a Department of Social Services worker made a kid-friendly presentation. A presentation that explained to the kids what child abuse was, what to do if someone they know got hurt, who to call and who to tell.

I can’t begin to explain how I felt to imagine that anyone would ever want to take out their frustration on a child. Children are just so precious. They are the little versions of ourselves in the world. They have the same journey to follow. Their whole life is ahead of them.

When I took a look at today’s newspaper, I noticed the reported cases for child abuse last year was 185. I am grateful that the numbers are not way up there but I still feel we are doing what we can do as a country to counteract that.

I honestly would like to personally encourage frustrated parents, or guardians to seek assistance. Taking out your frustration on youngsters is not the answer.