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Yesterday I started practicing my Spanish speaking skills again. There was once a time in my life when I was pretty good at the language. I even got high scores on my Spanish course at the College of the Bahamas. People like to talk a lot about how practice makes perfect but the latter is also very true. Due to my sincere lack of practice of speaking and writing in Spanish, I am now back to almost square one. Sometimes a few words come back to mind here and there. For the most part, I have forgotten almost everything even the pronunciation of the alphabet!


I refuse to let my Spanish skills go to waste.  So here I am again almost four (4) years later trying to grasp the Spanish language. This time I hope to keep it forever!


Fortunately, a friend of mine is willing to assist me occasionally. That is really nice but I know that my friend will soon start working and I will have to meet other Spanish natives who have an hour or so to spare to teach me the language. I have no problem with doing the same in return.



One thing that my friend did share with me is that, I should try learning the language without constantly trying to figure out the “English” meaning of certain phrases. Trying to think about Spanish in Spanish. It was rather easy of my friend to say. However, he’s right because he actually was teaching me from experience. When he came to the Bahamas to work he knew little to no English. I remember some days he would ask me in Spanglish how to say certain things in English.  Because my Spanish vocabulary was poor I often found myself using the Google Translate feature.


Google Translate allowed me to find Spanish words he understood and even had a feature that allowed me to hear how certain words are pronounced en Español.



If you would like to help me  with my Spanish leave a comment below. We can Skype. Thanks!