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I found myself rushing to Scotia Bank a few days ago. A friendly teller told me what the Express Deposit line was about. Basically, it is a line that is exclusively used for persons who are making deposits and not other transactions.

If you do not frequent this bank it might not mean anything to you.Image As for me, I dreaded the task of going to this bank. It is the only branch for Scotia Bank on the island. Also, it was one of the original places that offer visa debit cards, or cards that can be used outside of the Bahamas. Most locals use this bank for online payments (myself included) using their visa debit banking card.

Now, I am happy to say that going to the bank should be less of a drag deposit-wise.  It was an excellent idea for Scotia Bank Freeport, Grand Bahama to put an Express Deposit line there. It really feels like they are finally trying to maximize their space. At the moment  they are also renovating.

Guess I can say that you possibly won one more happy customer!