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I am so happy that I have decided to look for a language buddy. The response I got was absolutely remarkable. I was able to make a few contacts that I believe are going to be helpful with my Spanish journey. It is my hope that they too learn something in return.


I have been reaching out here on WordPress and on social media platforms. It’s a good thing that I did not just keep my thoughts in and prolonged my wish to learn a second language. The rate this world is closing in on us. I honestly believe that everyone should have a minimum of two languages. For my region, I know, well at least I can imagine just how important it is to know Spanish in the Western Hemisphere. Once I have tackled this language head on, I intend to learn French.


Noting the fact that I am getting younger, only encourages me to continue to push myself to learn something new everyday. I would like to one day find myself talking about how knowing more than one language helped to magnify my lyrical senses. Hopefully, getting to know more about other languages, becoming more in deep with other cultures will help me to feel more comfortable with travelling  throughout non-English speaking countries.


I can remember a few times I have encountered Spanish speakers and felt almost helpless in the business environments. I can also remember going to a few public spaces and being seemingly warned by Spanish speakers of unkempt bathrooms and the like. Fortunately, I was able to pick up on a few basic words but unfortunately, I forgot everything I knew about Spanish – including gracias! No seriously, I couldn’t even remember how to say thank you. I really believe I was just that scared out of my wits!


I want to be able to look back at days like those and not repeat them ever again.


Some years ago, my family and I hosted a family of about 10 visitors from Columbia.  Three teenagers out of that group spoke English, Spanish and French. As for the other seven adults, they spoke as much English as I did Spanish! Believe me that was not a good thing at all! I had to take it for what it was worth. I took the opportunity then to brush up on my Spanish speaking and listening skills. This was back in 2009 or 2010 by the way.


It took me 4 years to honestly, make up in my mind that I am tired of making excuses and relying on translators whenever it came to  Spanish. No more excuses. No more delays. The time is now! I am ready to go all the way with Spanish. Yo necesito aprender el Español. I need to learn Spanish.