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While I was casually enjoying a friendly family breakfast the topic “lime shortage” came up. I was dumbfounded as I instantly remembered I had not watch the local or international news lately – silly me. Well, it is a very sad and harsh reality that this is what it takes for the Americans, Bahamians and the rest of the World to notice the origin of their precious citrus aid.

Some time ago lots of citrus was produced locally in the Bahamas. However, somewhere along the way the Mexicans took over that market. Now just like our closest neighboring country, America, we are feeling the effects of dependency. I’ve just read on the Nydailynews.com that the US receives more than 95% of its limes from Mexico.

Here in the Bahamas the price of lime has doubled. Limes can now be purchased for a $1 each.

The climate within our subtropical region is ideal for the production of citrus, yet we fail to stand our grounds and supply our own citrus and our own food in general.

This really is starting to feel like deja vu all over again. We’ve been here before. In 9/11 the Bahamas also suffered as a result of total dependency in importing food.

I really hope that this will help lots of locals to wake up and realize that we are responsible for feeding ourselves. The Bahamas Agriculture Institution based in Andros, Bahamas should have people flooding into their doors right about now. Change starts here. It starts with me. It starts with you.

Together we can make our beautiful Bahamas even better.