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Not more than five minutes ago I came across some information about the upcoming youngest talk show host.

Keke Palmer was once the forth highest paid child star. keke palmerToday she was announced to be on the verge of becoming the youngest talk show host in history! That’s right, not television or movie actress, an actual talk show host like Oprah Winfrey! How amazing is that? Congrats girl, I can remember you standing out from that Akeelah and the Bee movie and other meaningful flicks.

Excuse my excitement, I just enjoy knowing more positive things will be available for young viewers. Personally, I have stopped watching tv since the series of reality shows flooded the television. I’ve always hated the idea of youngsters watching Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop and the other nonsense that is always on tv.

So really, I cannot begin to say how nice it feels to know that a young person is doing something positive. Her goal is actually to inspire teens.

You can read more about this positive news on Deadline.com here.