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Circulating around the world wide web is a series of Palcohol mentions. Actually, I’ve read on IFL Science that this product is in the making and awaiting final approval before it is able to be distributed throughout the United States. Why am I not excited about this product? Let’s just say its like a disaster waiting to happen. Silly commenters online are already plotting on snorting this product that is not even released. Fortunately, the company shed some light on the effects of snorting their product and strongly discourage users to go that route. They are already using the “use responsibly” phrase.

All is not entirely loss though, besides price cuts for alcohol consumers, I can almost predict that this powdered version of alcohol can possibly help to reduce the amount of landfill.

palcohol soon to arrive in us

Knowing alcohol consumption is one of the top relational wreckers within my society and possibly a top influencing factor of divorce in other societies is more than enough for me to not feel all happy about this sort of convenience.

I am pretty sure there are lots of people out there that could use a Pal in their pocket. The kind of pal they can just toss into their water and sip on the go.