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Be very careful about what you think…your thoughts run your life.

This is something I have come to understand quite well. Music that I listen to, tuning into certain things on tv or reading positive snippets online, have all helped to transform my own thinking into a more positive outlook on life in general.

I have been at the place where I thought I could not accomplish certain things. Strangely enough just a simple change of associates was more than enough to help me to know that I was capable of achieving greatness.  Like a good mentor once said to me “eagles do not fly with pigeons.”

Being Careful about what you think strongly involves choosing your associates wisely. How positive are the five people that you spend the most of your time with? Can you really see yourself advancing as your close friends advance? Is the opposite happening? Are you the only one who seems to be advancing while your own friends are trying to tell you to “take it easy” or you are “an overachiever”?

happy thoughts

Whatever you expose your mind and heart to ultimately influences your decision making. You can begin to control your influencers by being very selective of who and what you listen to. You can run your own thoughts. You run your life!