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Seedling in Egg Carton

This week I saved one egg carton from joining the landfill. Not many items are recycled locally (here in the Bahamas).

After considering starting a garden as my new hobby, I have also decided to start it with only recycled items: egg cartons, bottles, containers, cans, plastic cups and the like.

So far I have planted 12 tomatoes in an egg carton. I used the container to put 6 Cherry Tomatoes, 3 Big Boy Tomatoes and 3 of another tomato. Sure I won’t get the names right the first few weeks but by time my babies are all grown up, I’m pretty sure I’ll lock their names in my yard forever…I still don’t really have a camera or a smartphone at the moment. I’ll appease your eyes with some photos of recycled garden potting solutions.

Enjoy 🙂

Here are 50 More ideas for re-purposed containers for gardening:

Garden in an old Pallet

Can Garden Pot







Here are some Seed container ideas I found on Vegetable Gardener:

  • yogurt cups
  • toilet paper (cut in half) or paper towel rolls (cut like 4 times)
  • sour cream containers
  • cottage cheese containers
  • egg cartons – and their lids (even half-egg shells for that matter)
  • Plastic milk or juice containers (cut the top off and use the bottom – the top you could use as a cloche)
  • Paper, plastic, or Styrofoam cups
  • Salad or sandwich plastic deli trays (built in lid!)
  • Those tiny, snack-sized Ben & Jerry ice cream containers