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What were you doing this time last year

Can you remember what you were working on this time last year? Don’t feel too bad about it if you cannot. I couldn’t remember what I did either. At least not until I took a look at my iDoneThis calendar.

I felt the urge to look back at how productive I was today compared to last year. Not long after wondering I plunged right into my team calendar.

On my calendar I was able to see that I did two things this time last year. Both required little work.

Today, I have accomplished 10 very meaningful tasks. Including 15 minutes of quality non-obsessive email handling. I have also been able to talk to a business owner about partnering for a specific venture/event.

The whole point of me writing this is to show you how you can do the same thing I have done. As in, how you too can better manage your time.

I have started using iDoneThis during the summer of 2012. Somehow I stumbled on an article about it and how it was meant to be used as a tool to help people like me to become more productive.

Unlike the traditional to do list, iDoneThis motivates you and not intimidates you. I really enjoy the feeling of looking at a list of everything I was able to accomplish daily. It feels even better when I have that kind of list handy so that the person/company I am assisting can also know that I have been productive – as always…

iDoneThis has become a lifestyle for me because it allows me to log all of my accomplishments for the day, week, month and year. Then, review previous years of production like I did today.

I am all about using the computer for my benefit and this internet tool is no different. I am not paid to say this but I really think you should try it out because it works!

Oh and did I mention the team benefits? Sorry, I almost forgot. There is a team option where you can create calendars and collaborate with members of your team. At the end of the day members of your team are prompted to submit their “dones” for the day. “Dones” that are submitted are then sent to all of your the team members at your preferred interval. I used to send my team report out every day so that walk-ins, received calls, and other inportant things that may have taken place that one team member dealt with but may not be in place to tell the rest of the team. How did it work? Like a charm!

Recently, iDonethis added a feature that I have been killing (using all the time)! This feature is their hash tag feature. Hash tags allow me to mark things I have done with different codes so that I can look them up again later on using those same codes. In a non computerized world it would be similar to adding file names on your hanging folders in your handy dandy filing cabinet!

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you find this tool useful. It is good for everyone: students, parents, business professionals, business owners, and non-profit organizations.I am pretty sure that most teams and individuals are going to enjoy their increase in productivity.