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A few times I have found myself jumping into weight-loss conversations. Especially if I heard someone say “I am trying to lose weight” or if they say something like “I don’t know how to keep my size.”

After maintaining the exact same (Yes, I’ve intentionally put those two words together!) size for 10 years, I think it is safe for me to go ahead and give out the “secret” as to how I was able to stay the same size for a decade!

I have not been on a strict diet of any type. Some months I ate ice cream, other months I enjoyed regular pizza and generally I had what most people in the Western world eat. More specifically I ate red meat once a month. Most of the times I ate chicken, turkey, or fish. I enjoy herbal teas, not the packaged ones, freshly dried leaves from my backyard. We have a few herbs including: lemon grass and mint. I’ve recently purchased lemon balm and another type of mint plant.


One thing for sure, I was not the kind of gal who stressed over carbs, I’ve always seen carbs as a guideline for people who do not know how to say “I’m 80 percent full and I won’t take another bite if you paid me!” That’s right, I am a firm supporter of the 80% full rule. I believe in eating when I am hungry. I love naps. I regulate my stress levels by enjoying my free time. I travel with snacks – mostly fruits. I look at a scale every other day. If I am over my goal after two days I make changes in what I eat the third day. What I do not do is wait until people start pointing out to me that “you’re getting fat” or “you’ve put on weight.” I’ll always be the first to know if and when I gain weight.


I remember one time I went to a family island in the Bahamas called Abaco. I was barely there for three days but when I came back I discovered that I had gained an additional 5 pounds. I’ll be the first to admit that the food was just too darn good to not eat. Meals I ate had seafoods, and my favorite Bahamian meal of all – cracked conch.

If you are not familiar with the Bahamian diet. We tend to eat 4 times the amount of an Easterner and almost twice the amount of a Westerner minus the really good veggies.


Sorry, I should’ve mentioned that we keep the head on our fish. But the meal above is a Fish dinner with Peas and Grits, bits of salt pork is cooked within the grits along with bits of conch, Cole Slaw and Plantains. So that is pretty much what I hate two weeks ago. Most of my typical Bahamian meals include at least two starches, two different types of meat and at least one vegetable side.

When I was not eating Bahamian meals (Bahamas food) I ate like most Westerners, sometimes I consider it to be American meals. My American meals consisted of whatever the fast food chains decided to dish out. I’ve been a loyal supporter of Burger King, KFC, Subway, and Pollo Tropical for the last two years. Ate more fast food within the last two years than I did in the 10 years combined. Need not to say, that’s when I was finally able to gain extra pounds. Most ironically, this is also when my scale decided to stop working. So, while I thought I was fine weight-wise. I was not. The pounds rolled right into my door! So if you need the secret of how to gain weight. I’m sure I can help you with that also!

Back to how I was able to stay the same size…Let’s just say that in 1998, I came across an article that basically said something like people’s metabolism goes down 2% every year. The only time it does not go down by 2% is when you exercise. When you exercise, you actually add a percentage of your metabolism instead of taking it away. Another scary thing I remember reading at the time was about all the dangers of being obese. Most health issues are more prominent in women with expanded waistlines than in men. Because I always had a unhealthy desire of artificial sweets and greasy foods, I figured, if I really wanted to stay healthy the best way was to add to my metabolism every year. So I did just that for the ten years that I have been able to maintain my weight.


What I can say now as a person who is trying to lose some of the recently gained fast food pounds, is that it is much easier to maintain your weight than to have to lose weight you’ve gained. I’ve earned the extra pounds now, I am working off my not so tiny tummy. Call me weird but I hate to see large tummies on small frames…

I’ve maintained my weight for 10 consecutive years from 1998-2008. I don’t have photos from 98 right now but here are some photos from 2004-2014.



2004 (100 pounds)


2005 (100 pounds)




2005 (100 pounds)


2006 (100 pounds)


2007 (100 pounds)














2008 (100 pounds)




















2014 My present size (108 pounds). Weight Gain and all!


Do you have any cool weight-loss tips or pointers that helped you to maintain the same size? Drop a comment below.