Cat Island Visit by Lateishea Cooper

Growing up I have always heard stories about Cat Island. This week I was finally able to visit this unpopular Bahamas island. At first I was not sure what to expect. Now I am glad I decided to take the road less traveled by. Visiting Cat Island was more than enjoyable for me. From our plane approached the shore I was in awe. When I left I was not ready to leave this peculiar place. I am back home now but memories were made and now I have more stories to tell.


I’ve heard lots of Long Islanders (people from Long Island Bahamas) and people from Exuma rave about how gorgeous their beaches are. So much so that I have to see both of those beaches before I die! While I was visiting a new restaurant a lovely lady claimed she didn’t see pink sand like that of Cat Island in Harbour Island, Eleuthera. Luckily I have been able to visit Harbour Island in 2011. I would have to say that I agree with her. Harbour Island has lovely beaches with pink sand. The main difference is that the pink sand beach in Cat Island is about 3 times the size of that in Harbour Island.


The beaches were incredible even for me – a Bahamas resident. I was blown away! Apparently the beach I was so captivated by from the air was not even “the nicest beach” there. It was nice enough for me though.. I literally had to force myself to not go beaching due to my limited time. Instead I used my time to explore most major attractions from North to South.

The Ocean Dream Beach Resort - Cat Island Bahamas

The Ocean Dream Beach Resort – Cat Island Bahamas

Maybe next time I visit I will stay for a week minimum. Cat Island is  an artist’s haven. It is peaceful, tropical and even celestial. It is serene and clean. No it is not as flat as most Bahamas islands are. There are hills and valleys.


The terrains of this island in general were unlike any of my previously visited Bahamas islands. Maybe it is because Cat Island is home to the highest point in the Bahamas – Mount Alvernia or “Como Hill.” This hill is 206 ft above sea level. I was able to climb my way up to the top of this hill on my last day.

I was smart enough to pack something to drink to sip on when I made it to the top! The Hermitage was unique and a great place for persons who are on a spiritual journey. The view from the top was unlike none other. It was a great lookout point. My imagination lead me to picture those pirates making good use of this peak. The island itself was named after an infamous pirate by the name of Arthur Catt.

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Cat Island Bahamas