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Not Quitting

2014 photo

Today I made a few slides for my screen saver. I am tired of making excuses for not working out. Everyday has been a good day to say tomorrow. Or when I’m in the mood. No more mood based timings for working out.

I refuse to wait until I have to workout, to workout. I want to be proactive. Contrary to popular belief, staying slim has nothing to do with being born that way, or good genes. It has everything to do with decisions that are made daily. Everything that I consume is consciously put into my mouth. Every time I say tomorrow I am physically slipping away to an unhealthier me.

I have been able to “get away” with not working out recently because I have replaced smaller portions with exercise. As a result, I have been about the same weight but a little moodier than I would like to be. I miss the healthy glow I got after working out regularly. I miss the super happy for nothing days. Most importantly, I miss feeling healthier and not getting sick as often.

Lateishea Cooper

Here’s a photo of me in 2008. I took it for my poetry collection.

I might be slipping but I am not quitting. I will to continue to weigh myself daily and add exercise to my routine.

Here are the slides I have as my screen saver to remind me of why I should be working out. I got these from a recent article by Women’s Health. Feel free to download these for your own purposes.

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