Great so our first attempt at having a live webinar flopped! There were more technical issues involved than anyone could ever brief me for. I felt it most for the attendees though. So much so, that after a mere five minutes I begged everyone to leave. Persons refused to leave without at least waiting around to see if “we’d get our sound up.” It was pitiful. After constantly apologizing, I told everyone I would email them the presentation and offer assistance via Skype. Of course, this free assistance is only available for persons who attended the webinar.

Someone asked about the intentions of our webinar. The reason this webinar was hosted was to give back to the community a portion of our online knowledge. This particular webinar was about how people can get paid through PayPal as an international user located in the Caribbean.

As pitiful as the whole thing was, I do not have any regrets. Things happen, sometimes not exactly as planned, but I do know that my failure rate has increased not I am waiting around for an increase in success.

What exactly happened in the end? Well, like I said earlier, I ended up emailing everyone the entire webinar presentation even though I knew that this new concept really needed a bit of guidance. It is not the easiest topic of discussion – it does involve money after all.

After the dust has settled, I have discovered the cause of my problem was a bad connection via my wireless internet. The webinar presentation was initially set up on my wireless desktop. During the next webinar, I will use my desktop PC that is connected directly to the internet cable.

“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”
― Dorothy M. Neddermeyer