The last IQ test I took was in high school. I remember getting about 108. Recently I became curious about what my present IQ is. Especially because I think something is different about the way I understand things. Things I should be able to understand, I usually find myself over complicating and the supposedly complex things I find relatively easy to conquer.

Regular conversations are generally limited to fun ones. I enjoy talking about lots of things but I love reading. I enjoy learning something new every day.

A few years ago my mother told me I started reading for the first time at barely 2 years old. That is not the most normal thing she’s told me about myself. The only thing I can remember about elementary school is being bored and noticing the constant repetition. As a result, I found myself daydreaming through most of elementary school

My unofficial/general IQ test result as it stands is 117. As soon as I get an official IQ test done when I am not half asleep, I’ll post the results. Not that I got a really bad result or anything, so the internet says it is suppose to be an above average IQ. I still think I can do better than that though. If not I’ll share the bad news…