Creative – Two of my “besties” are lefties! Both of them are ridiculously artistic. My drawings look like chicken scratch compared to theirs – too me at least. They are also creative writers, fashionable and well fun to be around! Got to love em 🙂541953_402383223107082_655657237_n

Popular – My least popular best friend now acts in plays and is more socially involved. As for my other “besties,” two are models. slash beauty queens and well known people.

Funny – Sometimes I question how this one relates to me but hey….I have really cook friends. I love them to death. If I am not laughing at something they said or did, I am probably just too busy laughing at myself.150346_174991895846217_356330_n

Sporty – When we are not all glamored up or in the spotlight we hit the sports really hard! My personal favorites include volleyball, bowling, basketball and billiards. 008

Kind – I realize I am kind to people and animals. What made me think about this is remembering what a friend said about a homeless dog. “That’s somebody’s child. Go home buddy.” That’s right, I watched my friend yell those words as we were driving down the street one day.

Loving – Like my best friend is loving enough to constantly take care of a number of birds and dogs. I think I too have a loving side. Really caring and genuine towards others.

Intelligent – Birds of a feather sure do flock together! My buddies are all so smart. I know this is true because they do not spend their time chatting around about other people, they’re usually busy thinking about something more important or doing something meaningful.