Homemade black soy milk 3

After seeing the small amount of calcium in Kidney Beans I was almost instantly discouraged from using Kidney Beans in a milk form For some strange reason I felt the urge to want to combine kidney beans with coconut milk to make a splendid mix.

I did some more digging online only to find information on “black bean soy milk.” Apparently, a blogger feels black beans are soy beans and makes soy milk. Maybe she is on to something. I know that I obviously do not know everything. I am exploring my options here. I enjoy eating cereals and hate buying milk so often. It is not even about the price of milk to be honest. I have just been obsessed with sustainability. Making my own food and drinks.

Like I said, I’ll have to try this out for myself to see how it tastes. If you want to try it too you can find her recipe here.