At first I thought it might be a little strange to visit Key West, Florida but in the end the trip was worth it. I am from the Bahamas as you might already know. Going to a tropical paradise is almost like an every day activity for me. However, my mom and I were treated to a trip to Key West during our stay in Florida. I’ve seen it listed as a cruise destination and heard great things about it so I gladly tagged along.

Key West felt like ole Bahamas. Or should I say the Bahamas back in the 1800’s. It was truly remarkable. Connecting the dots between the two countries was also an enlightening experience for me. It is not really emphasized home or in the USA that there was a long lineage between Key West and the Bahamas.

Sure, I’ve heard stories of how Earnest Hemingway and Martin Luther King Jr.  coming down to visit Bimini Bahamas which was only 177 miles apart. On the other hand, a flight from Miami to Grand Bahama or Bimini would only be 30minutes.

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