Family reunion banner design for the McIntosh Family 2015

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I was lucky enough to be able to skip over to Abaco for the independence weekend. It is literally a few minutes away by plane and less than an hour away by boat. Independence here in the Bahamas is on the 10th of July.

My travel group consisted of 50 persons. Out of that group about 20 of them were Americans visiting from the state of Florida.

Abaco Trip 2015

During my stay I was able to spend some time at the well manicured tropical paradise also known as Treasure Cay Beach Resort.

It was my first time actually staying over in Treasure Cay, Abaco. I stayed mostly in the “city” area the last time which is in Marsh Harbour. I think it was about 30 minutes or so away from Treasure Cay. On the way to Marsh Harbour I stopped at this local restaurant called Savannah’s. Talk about down home food! It was delish! Leave your diet at home though…Savannah Restaurant Fox Town Abaco Bahamas

I couldn’t wait to take photos of the lovely world renowned Treasure Cay Beach. My camera would not have been able to do very much justice in capturing its beauty. I’ll post a photo from another source below.

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I probably should also note that different parts of Abaco are priced at different rates. The Treasure Cay area is more on the higher end of the price range, the North and South areas are most affordable, Marsh Harbour is priced in the middle range and is also located in the central part of the island.

If you are wondering how locals survive. Apparently, only locally grown items are somewhat affordable. Yes that especially includes seafood! Fish is very cheap and so are others! Everything else is pricer in Treasure Cay and everywhere else in Abaco.

On the cool side of the Treasure Cay of Abaco, there was an actual gas station on the side of the water. It was quaintly nested right next to the water on one side of a canal path. Even as a citizen of the Bahamas I could not really believe how unique and wonderful that was. I got a glimpse of Treasure Cay Beach as I quietly waited on my breakfast from Coco’s Restaurant. It was as breathtaking as it looks online! I couldn’t stop sharing to my co-travelers all about it’s world raking and whatnot.

Breakfast for a group of five persons at the Cocos restaurant on Treasure Cay Beach (on the hotel’s property or adjacent to it) was over $100. I guess the prices in Treasure Cay Abaco and that of Key West were quite similar. Certainly much more than most places in Northern Florida and even more than it is here on the island of Grand Bahama. I am guessing it is because shipping fees are lower to my island which happens to be nearer to it’s US suppliers.

Another very unexpected part of my trip – Sands Festival Thing! I really have not gotten the name of it but I’ve been seeing lots of beach goers and random hoteliers clad in their Sands T-Shirts as I was leaving the hotel that morning.

My trip did not feel complete until I was stopped by the only stoplight on the entire island! To me it even feels magical! While exploring the downtown area we ran into a heavily advertised clothing store and boy, did they not let me down! It was loaded with all sorts of island chic goodies. I’ve seen everything from necklaces, to hats, dresses and the like. The remainder of my Abaco Bahamas trip was spent with some of our family reunion crew. Lots of them came over to spend some quality time on those sandy shores. Time well spent! Some people where able to stay at the beautiful Treasure Bay Resort and others were scattered further up north and south of Treasure Cay.

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What a trip!

What a trip! Oh yea and I designed the shirts and banner 🙂