Maybe I have been cooking as if my life depended on it. As determined as I am to fight skinny fat Teish and convert her into oh so fit Teish. I am finding myself taking lots of photos as a visual reminder of what I should, should not, did and did not eat along the way.

Most people looked at me and got all confused about my fight for fitness. That’s fine though because I know how much of a fight it was for me to even go up three flights of stairs last year. If I made it to the beginning of the second flight of stairs without taking a break or panthing I did well!

In November of 2014, I felt fine going up three flights of stairs. A friend of mine had to point that out to me. I did not even notice the improvement prior. But I knew one thing for sure…in January of 2014 I was totally out of shape. It was to the point where a loss of breath became my norm.

Every year prior I was not motivated to exercise or eat better. I just ate until I was 80 percent full. The only problem was I was also eating more often.

Some Biotin and vitamin b pills I was taking in 2012 or 13 was increasing my appetite. One day my dad pointed it out to me. Other times my mom made comments about my constant eating.

But today is a new day. I almost could not even remember those things I just said. Nowadays I find myself avoiding: salt, sweeteners, dairy, oil, pasta, bread and rice. Certainly I can not afford to forget to mention that I avoid processed foods in general.

In fact, when I started at the gym yesterday one of the trainers were bewildered when I told him of my strict diet.

The funny thing is I never really saw myself doing all of this. Ironically,  now that I am actually doing what I once thought was impossible,  I now find it relatively easy to do.

Only real difference between eating the way I do today and the way I was before is – planning. Rarely ever did I plan my meals prior. Now, I find myself even sitting and wondering what snacks to stash so that I do not have to skimp on quality consumption due to convenience.

When I was younger I learned a lesson that still helps me today. That is: whatever I have handy is what I will consume. Whatever I am exposed to I what I will know. And whatever I see I will eventually become.

That’s why I believe it is so important to surround myself with positive places,  people and things. Things for me right now includes healthy snacks, drinks and meals.

The secret to lifelong weight loss maintenance is keeping the right things,  people and places in front of you.

Nothing is wrong with knowing bad company. But having bad company can cost you. Having bad eating habits will eventually cost you too. Start small. Start now. You can do it. One day I’ll share the small steps I took to maintain my weight prior to 2012.

Visit again soon.