From Tropics to Vegas Cover Art

Something exciting happened this week. I attended a Sales to Success Boot Camp in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA…Boot Camp it was! So much to learn so little time. It was a very intense sales, presentation and speaking workshop. Our sessions were held from 8am to about 7 or 8 pm PDT. The duration of this workshop was four days. When I arrived there, of course I worked really hard and eventually improved my sales, speaking, presentation and other skills.


Lake Mead Nevada USA

It was nice to meet people from various parts of the world. I was able to make new friends and share about the little island that I live on in the Bahamas. As usual, I did as much research on the place prior to arriving. I discovered a few interesting things about it. Even though I always had in the back of my mind that Las Vegas, Nevada, USA was really a big desert. I still was not even close to being mentally prepared for the whopping 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures at night! For the first time in a long time I actually left my trusty umbrella at home . The extra weight was unnecessary especially since Vegas only really receives about 4 inches of rain per year. Heck, it is quite opposite where I live, in fact it is raining as I write this!

Even being a tropical resident I was still not really ready to face the summer time sun in Vegas. It was ridiculously hot – obviously. But to give you an idea of what you can face during your summer time visit over there. Let’s just say that during a short hour or thirty minute walk at the Hoover Dam, Boulder City, Nevada, USA. A place barely 40 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip. My water bottle which I refused to leave inside of the car and insisted on holding, heated up to about 79 degrees Fahrenheit in my hands! I was stunned! Needless to mention I did not even really feel like continuing to drink that hot water but due to the 105 degrees heat I was up against I had very little choice but to drink up.

The great news is, people are always sitting around somewhere selling water bottles from their really cold coolers. They are usually strategically placed. So in my case, I actually saw some people at the top of the Hoover Dam entrance who were ready to sell me some ice cold water.

Even along the Vegas strip, people usually are around selling water and performing various forms of street entertainment.

Well, enough about the unusual heat, I was also able to meet some incredible people. Other people who were also determined to learn how to speak and present to a group of people. It was comforting to know that most of us had equal experience. I can’t really begin to say how much the trainers at the training were able to change my world of speaking.

Las Vegas Trip 2015

I feel brand new to the mic. My mind is now open to better speaking habits. It is almost like I now see everything I have ever done wrong in terms of speaking or presenting in public. Not that I was really bashful or anything. I was simply inanimate and sometimes I also spoke too softly.

This is one experience that I will continue to take with me even as I go through life. Hopefully my podcast listeners can hear a tremendous improvement and my vlog viewers can see a drastic difference in the way I present any information.

Las Vegas Trip at Boulder City

Because this was my very first trip to Las Vegas, I forced myself to go sightseeing, people watching and shopping after my training sessions. There was so much to see on the Vegas strip. I’ve managed to see the Bellagio’s Fountain, Caesars, Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, New York New York. Other sights included the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, The Orleans, and a few other interesting tourist places.

Walking around Vegas at night felt like most cities and their daytime flow of people. 12am in Vegas felt more like 5 pm in the afternoon somewhere else. The streets were packed with people. Parties and other forms of entertainment took place at almost every single second of the day. There was barely any sign of what time of the day or year it was. The only give away was the sun in the daytime and the darkness at night.

Even during the daytime in over 100 degree temperatures people filled the streets!

All in all I worked hard but also had a blast! Photos of my Vegas trip are below: