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Most people consider me a techie because of my advanced computer skills. Well, even this┬átechie enjoys letting technology work for her! That’s why I decided I decided to share my thoughts on Google Keep. Is Google Keep a Keeper?is google keep a keeper

My Googlieness is off the charts! Yes, you might want to google that word…My view on Google in general may be very bias. I have used or tried almost all of the online tools created by Google and other international productivity tools. I only use the Google search engine. I’ve converted all of my emails to Gmail. As a self professed Googler, I proudly present how I use and view Google Keep.

When I first started using this note taking tool I started off using it as a replacement for my smartphone notepad. I enjoyed the idea of being able to write notes and see them on any computer later on.

Once notes are created in Google Keep they are stored in the cloud.

Accessible via any computer or mobile device that has the Google Keep app installed.

I am a person who is not afraid to walk around everywhere with a notepad and a pen to take expected and unexpected notes. Note taking on this tool is almost as easy as scribbling something on a piece of paper. But if you have experience with grabbing any loose sheet of paper and scribbling information onto. You may also be able to attest to the fact that random sheets of paper can easily get misplaced, accidentally trashed, or simply forgotten.

Anything written in Google Keep will have a date stamp. For the non-techies, that simply means it would automatically log the date of the last time you wrote or Google Keep Mobile Appedited a particular note.

If you have been following my blog and know about my ability to dig into the past and see what I did on particular days of the year via iDoneThis. You will have an idea of just how much I appreciate this sort of feature.

Another neat thing that I am able to do is capture photos and add them to my notes. As a visual person I fell in love with this. No flimsy notepad has ever had that kind of ability.

There is also a feature on Google Keep that allows audio recording. Audios make great notes for when I am on the go.

Need to make a quick list? There’s an app for that. Fortunately for you if you have downloaded the Google Keep app already it also has the capability to create important lists on the go! I hardly use this feature personally. However, I am sure there are others who can benefit from it a whole lot.

Another feature I enjoyed is the color coded notes. I have been able to sort my thoughts visually by using certain colors for certain types of reminders. I used yellow for call back reminders. Blue for production reminders and green for financial reminders.

It is my hope that you find this information useful. The clouds is  the best place to save important mental notes for business or for leisure. Those are some of the ways I find myself using the Google Keep Website and the app. I look forward to hearing about your thoughts on this tool! Is Google Keep a Keeper?