Speak to any real SEO professional about their work, and you would be likely to hear them sing words such as: “Keywords” and “Google Adwords,” almost simultaneously. As a novice or intermediate SEO worker it is vital to know more about those two words. When you plan, prevent, price, pinpoint, practice and proof your keywords and Google Adwords you would be off to a great start!


A few hours of planning can save you months of work and lots of money. It is important to plan to prevent working on all the wrong keywords. As with anything you do, “when you fail to plan you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Purchasing Google ads gives you the competitive advantage of being able to know exactly what keywords can bring traffic to your website. Using Google AdWords or Microsoft’s adCenter can help you to do just that! You can find coupons for either site online.


Expect the unexpected. Whether you are a pro lacking basic principals or a novice seeking useful advice prevention is key. Too many times SEO pros find themselves repeating this mistake: the mistake of overdoing and under planning – resulting in drowning. Prevent yourself from going under water. Avoid processing more keywords than you really need. When you are eating to gain muscles there are certain foods and vitamins you ought to eat and also avoid. You would need lots of protein and foods that prevents muscle & bone loss. Similarly, in SEO you would want to focus on key ingredients. In this case the key ingredients would be the keywords that are most relevant to your client when setting up their Google Adword campaign. It is completely useless, needless to say costly to plunge into the deep waters of SEO. So, instead of over nourishing your campaign by feeding it too many unnecessary general keywords focus on keywords that would prove to be most beneficial. Start by getting your main nutrients. Build your strength with time and patience. Then make your way into the fittest of the SEO world.


Price-wise, budgeting is the gateway to a successful Google Adword campaign. Reason being, you would not want to have to go into your pocket to fund a campaign for a client or have to constantly request additional funds to fuel your campaign. Price is everything to your client. Try as hard as you can to keep within their assigned budget.


When giving your client SEO consultation be sure to let them know the importance of SEO, why rank for certain keywords and also how much funding is ideal. It is better to lose a client because of their lack of interest in paying what is due to you than to run a halfhearted SEO campaign. Be honest about your thoughts and let them know the way to go. Talk about the need for paid search and other SEO procedures. If you are working with a new client it is a good idea to do a bit of test runs using Google Adwords. So make sure include that in your price!


After trying out some SEO keyword tools, practice your SEO keywords and Google Adwords using similar ad sites. When you get around to using the ad sites you would notice their conversion tools will show you the way to go and what keywords to think about. Their “core” keywords would be the ones with the most transactions and also more expensive. Less inexpensive keywords are the ones that are not bid on as much. Consider using 5-10 keywords testing. However, when it comes to businesses with a good number of products or services you would be forced to use even more keywords. Avoid using markets that are limited in their population. Instead, aim for countries with a substantial amount of people. They make great guinea pigs!

Through your practice runs, trials and errors you would ultimately be able to pinpoint the right keywords to use. Keywords that return the most results for you WIN!


Proof your keywords. Sort them in terms of price, value and place. Compare the variations of keywords that have been proven to be worthwhile.  Use variations of the keywords.

That was not so bad right? You’ll look even sharper than before when you take the time to plan, prevent, price, practice and proof your keywords and Google Adwords. Then you can face the world – at least the SEO of World Wide Web!