The classical Monopoly game became so popular over the years that a number of exciting editions spun off as a result of its success. There is new edition of the traditional monopoly game, Lord of The Rings Trilogy Edition. This new version of the game has a number of new spins and modifications. In this game, you travel through the Middle- East and claim territories and power as you go along. The player with the most power at the end of this game wins. Lord of the Rings Monopoly has a set of special rules that makes it different from the traditional game.Once you open the box, a lot of differences would become more apparent. This Middle-Earth game has surely replaced the traditional properties. Lord of the Rings has some six (6) figures as playing pieces including Aragorn, Frodo, Gimli, Gandalf, Legolas and Galadriel. Instead of the traditional monopoly playing cards there are People- and Adventure-Cards. One of your more sightings would be beholding the Power/s or the currency of the game. Another thing that would stand out is the fact that there are no train stations but legendary Horses took its place. Where did the hotels go? Oh, about the hotels, well there is good news and bad news. The good news is there are cool castles and fortresses instead of houses and hotels. The bad news however, there is no bad news! Well, there is one more thing that you should know about those old power plants. Well, the Wizards Gandalf and Saruman act as their replacements. Other neat pieces that come with the game include special dice and a ring!

You would be happy to stumble on the more familiar parts of the game, consisting of the GO, Free Parking and Jail spaces. Additionally, Lord of the Rings locations such as Isengard, Helm’s Deep and Weathertop are also on the board.

When the game starts, One Ring should be placed at the space of Bag End (the first property). Every time a player rolls an Eye of Sauron on one of the dice while rolling for his movement, the One Ring will be moved around the gameboard to the next property which has not yet been bought. It is not until the One Ring has been moved, that the player will be allowed to progress his playing piece.

If a player lands on the property which contains the One Ring, he may take it for free, once it does not  have an owner. If it has an owner, then the player will have to pay double rent for landing on that space.

The game ends once the One Ring has reached Mount Doom, the last and most expensive property on the board. When this happens, each player has to calculate the value of his acquired wealth (Power) and the game will be won by the wealthiest (most powerful) player.

You are a Lord of the Rings fan right? Embracing the exciting changes of the old Monopoly in the form of the Lord of the Rings Monopoly should be a piece of cake!

The graphical design of the game is exceptional and fans of the movie should love this game. You have to see this adventurous beautifully designed game for yourself. Lord of the Rings Monopoly game will make a great gift for a friend.