calm before the storm - bahamas beach - freeport bahamas
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calm before the storm - bahamas beach - freeport bahamas

The calm came right before the storm. Hurricane Joaquin is travelling and I decided to take a stroll along the beach yesterday. I saw some unusual activity in the water as I sat on the shore. First I saw fish swimming rapidly, then I glimpsed a few of them swimming sideways. After a long time gazing at the open water. A white fin surfaced and then a couple more came up. It was a shark family. Don’t ask me what those are called. There’s a big difference between a beach bum and a deep sea diver!


A few sharks were swimming extremely close to the shore. Even as a Bahamas local it was unusual for me to see. It seemed as if they were hanging out as far away from the traveling storm as possible.

The beach was beautiful yesterday also, because of the sharky visit, I am just happy I didn’t bother to pack my swim suit for this beach trip – more like a beach drive (as most beaches are barely 10 minutes away).

On a more serious note I really hope people are preparing for this storm.

If you live in an area that will experience the bands of this storm please prepare. It is much stronger than Katrina and the others that made it to the US. To all of my Bahamian and American friends please stay safe, do not take this storm lightly. It is better to be safe and over prepared than caught off guard. Be safe.

hurricane joaquin

Hope you enjoyed my shots of the calm before the storm.

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