This week has not ended just yet but I have to share what happened! All of the pieces are finally coming together. I was able to join the leading communication organization formally known as Toastmasters. It is not my first time trying to get involved in this group as I have been involved during my high school years and my first year at college.

I went to lots of meetings in 2008 and in 2013. Somewhere along the way I hit a roadblock and did not return to Toastmasters again until last month.This time I was determined to not satisfy myself with being an observer. I felt a burning desire to become a Toastmaster. I want to become that competent speaker. I want to be that interesting person to chat with in a room!

Still basking in the wisdom imparted to me through the Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude book by Napoleon Hill. I felt compelled to do what I’ve always wanted to do back then right now.

Long story short this week I got inducted as an official member of a local Toastmasters club. I was asked if I would want to do my 1st speech during the same night as my induction. I concurred. All I kept thinking to myself was Napoleon Hill’s words from Success through PMA: “do it now.”

When I look in the mirror I see someone 10 pounds lighter than last month – all because of those three words:”do it now.” Oh and I started Insanity this week also! It is not a hype. Insanity Beach body building DVD is the real deal.

I feel great! What a week! Oh and my speech…you can see it below. The best is yet to come. Today I encourage you to do what you’ve always wanted to do today. Even if it means only doing a tiny bit that will start your entire masterpiece.

As for my speech, I got so nervous when I saw my name listed as the very first speaker I completely forgot to beg someone to record it for me on my cellphone. Fortunately a good fellow Toastmaster who obviously knew I’d like to look back at my 1st speech and ask: “What was I thinking? Or look at how I started!” I don’t know but I do know that some kind of remark will be made once I get much more experience in this area.