Explaining my then offbeat corporate skills to others was a complicated and time consuming process until now. I happened to come across one job title that sums up all of my Marketing and Technology expertise without having to claim more than one hat! Totally cool right? Marketing Technologist is the title I will hold on to from now on at least in terms of explaining what I do for companies.

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It is amazing how the rest of the world finally caught up with the needs and changes of technology as it relates to marketing. During the economic downturn I have purposefully studied the possibilities of advertising on Facebook and other digital media. At one point I was even coding my own Facebook pages in their special Facebook language. When I first started Facebook marketing research and for businesses it was not even a discussion (2008). In fact Facebook Pages began rolling out for businesses in May 2009. – Wiki

Advanced computing was always my primary skill. My secondary skill had always been some form of marketing, collaborating and analyzing.

I have always loved using my brain. Others have borrowed it from time to time for Marketing and Technological help. Good thing they’ve all returned it in one piece!

What goes on in my head when you say promote closely resembles the following image…

Marketing Technologist handle: Marketing automation, CRM, analytics, social media, data management platforms, demand-side ad platforms, search optimization, e-commerce, web sites, landing pages, mobile landing pages, content marketing workflow, gamification — the list goes on.

Even though I am super excited about this title discovery. I did notice that there are one or two skills that I do not quite have. Sure beats having to go to college for something I intensively studied during its emerging stage!

Nothing is worse than being advanced in marketing technology on a small island where most terms were virtually unheard of. I literally had to work for clients virtually! Some of my favorite contracts were with clients from New York, Alberta, and Australia. Fortunately I was able to assist lots of other persons virtually along the way. That maintained my sanity. Because I really was too far ahead for where I was. As of late island residents are finally understanding what I was explaining from 2009. Even then I knew things were going over their heads. Facebook was seen as a stupid teen site. What made matters worse was I was actually a teen myself at the time I promoted it as a potential advertising arena.

In reading more about this title I found an interesting summary of what a Marketing Technologist is to a company by Economist Group: “Great CMTOs (Chief Marketing Technologists) are so rare and valuable that the industry refers to them as unicorns—part creative, part marketer, part ad-woman, solid technologist, with visionary leadership and influence skills. Being great in any one of those disciplines is challenging enough, leave alone finding them all in a single individual.”

Are you interested in finding a Marketing Technologist or learning more about what one can do for you and your team? Take a look at some of the links I have below and enjoy the digital revolution!

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Link 1: http://www.economistgroup.com/marketingunbound/collaborators/sapientnitro-big-rethink-cmto/

Linke 2: https://marketproinc.com/hiring-advice-2/2015/06/chief-marketing-technologist-executive-search-due

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