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Hi I am Lateishea R. Cooper. I have been blogging from 2010. I am a travel junkie, certified Bahamas Host and People to People Ambassador. I enjoy helping people to find their perfect Bahamas getaway island. Join me as I explore the islands of the Bahamas.

People to People Programme Host

My skills include marketing & technology. I am one of the few marketing technologists available within the Bahamas. Although I am tech savy I work extremely well with others and communicate clearly. As an active member of my community I enjoy assisting non-profit organization as much as possible. I am an active member of Toastmasters. I have been a member of a number of clubs & organizations in the past including: Junior Achievers, Interact, Rotaract, and Kiwanis Club.

My writing is usually described as down to earth. Generally I write to educate, inform, encourage others. As a health freak I usually cannot help promoting a healthier lifestyle.

In my spare time I write and I perform spoken word. I enjoy writing, reading and drawing more than I enjoy watching television. For me it is not very productive to sit down and be ”told a vision.” Books are my best friends and pens are my pals.

Here on this blog, you can expect to find some of my most recent tropical adventures expressed in art, audio, writing, *and video (*as soon as I acquire some equipment!) form.

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lateishea cool 96 prize poetry lateishea cooper work flow bahamian illustrated office

I won a Valentine’s Day poetry competition by Cool 96 in 2010.


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