Veggie Fried Rice with Pumpkin

I felt like trying something new and cooked some Veggie Fried Rice with Pumpkin.


Veggie Fried Rice w/Pumpkin



Tea Time – Greener Days Ahead


Lemon Grass Tea - Fever Grass Tea

I made my day greener with sips and sips of sugar-free Lemon Grass Tea. Lemongrass herb (Cymbopogon citratus), also known as Fever Grass is loaded with antioxidants that are known to fight against certain cancers.

Medicinal Uses lists numerous medicinal uses for lemongrass but emphasizes more research is warranted to determine whether the herb is beneficial for any of them. However, some of the noted studies indicate potential antifungal and anti-cancer action, including skin cancer when lemongrass is applied topically. Other studies, such as one published in 1989 in “Lipids,” point to the potential cholesterol-lowering activity of lemongrass oil. (Livestrong)

Benefits of Lemongrass Oil. Lemongrass oil has analgesic (pain relieving/pain killer like aspirin), antimicrobial, antiseptic (kills germs), carminative, astringent, antipyretic, fungicidal, bactericidal, and antidepressant properties, making it one of the most versatile and health-promoting essential oils.


How to cook with Lemongrass

Effect of Lemongrass on the Brain

Learn more about a similar herb – Sage


Stop Talking Dirty

STOP TALKING dirty - article cover - teish.jpg

Would you eat a sandwich right after touching the handle of a public toilet without washing your hands? Of course not! Dr. Jeffery Cain, President of the American Academy of Family Physicians said “People are just as likely to get sick from their phones as from handles of the bathroom.” This is important to learn from and protect ourselves from especially during this flu season.  Unfortunately for me I learned the hard way.

Hopefully there’s still time for you to be safe! I’ll be the first to admit that I have not always taken the extra precaution of sanitizing my mobile device. I mysteriously woke up with the flu last week and it forced me to back track. I thought I did everything right from sanitizing my hands more often than not, to more extreme measures like wearing winter gloves! It was about 57 degrees Fahrenheit at the time but that’s cold enough for me – don’t judge me I’m from the Tropics…I eventually realized the only thing I’ve constantly touched was my cell phone. Later on I accepted it as the overlooked reason for me waking up sick.

As your Tropical Techie I feel entirely responsible for giving you pertinent information as it relates to touch screen mobile devices and your health. In the business community it will always be important to remember to keep proper personal hygiene.

Shook someone’s hand lately? Of course you did. Then you went ahead and sanitized your hands also! Hand washing is extremely important. By now you should realize that sanitizing your devices is just as important as sanitizing your hands. The super advice below was found on TheHealthSite. Don’t learn the hard way. Fight phone bacteria today!

How dirty is your Talk?

If you have used your phone in the bathroom before? You are not the only one who has done it! Studies show that 1 in 6 cell phones have fecal matter on them! Your phone has 18 times more harmful bacteria than a public restroom. 92% of phones house bacteria on them.  All these germs are likely to lead to infections. According to Dr Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology, ‘Germs like E.coli as well as influenza and MRSA are usually found on cell phones, they cause rashes and skin infections.’ E.coli can also cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps, vomiting while influenza virus can cause flu and attack your respiratory system. Perspiring while talking on the phone closes skin pores which can lead to acne problems and blackheads. Since the screen is usually warm, bacteria thrives and transfers not just to our fingers, but also the face including the eyes, nose, ears and lips. All these double our chances of getting infected. So the next time you have a bout of flu, don’t just blame the weather, it could be due to your phone too.”

How your phone gets dirty

We usually use our phones not just to talk but also to take pictures, surf the net, chat, etc. All these involve touching the screen. Every time we do so, we transfer more germs on to it. Here are a few factors that make our phone dirty.


Using it after meals: Do you wash your hands after meals? If you don’t, you not only transfer bacteria but also other things such as oil, food particles on the screen and other parts.


Using it in/after using restrooms: Using your phone after going to the restroom or worse, in the restroom is an open invitation to millions of germs. Especially if you use a public toilet, you are likely to pass on germs from other people who’ve touched that surface before you.


Using it in public transport: If you often commute via public transport, you perhaps have more germs on your phone. This is because you touch surfaces such as the pole, seat handles, etc. which a thousand others have touched, most likely without washing their hands. These then pass on to your screen when you touch it.


Your sweat: When you talk on your phone for a long time, you tend to sweat and deposit the germs on your phone’s screen.


While playing with pets: Love playing with your pets? I’m sure you wash your hands after touching them before you sit down for a meal but do you wash them before you touch your phone too? Probably not. This means you now have germs from an animal or bird too on your phone.


When other people use it: Your phone may be your prized possession but it is quite rare that no else except you touches it. You may often pass it on to others to take pictures, make a call, show something, etc. They too pass on germs from their hands on your phone’s screen. According to a research, 82% of hands have bacteria on them.


When you keep it on other surfaces: You are likely to keep your phone on surfaces such as the table, desk, bag, pocket, drawer, etc. These often have germs, dust particles, etc. which get transferred on your phone.


Can you really keep your phone clean?

Your phone harbors thousands of germs but is it really possible to clean it? Here a few methods but they too have their shortcomings.

Tissue paper:
 Wiping your phone with a tissue, even a wet one may clean it on the surface but not entirely get rid of all the germs.


Alcohol wipes: These wipes may help keep germs away but are not safe for your phone as using them too much can damage the coating on the screen.


UV light cleaner: These can disinfect your phone’s screen to quite an extent but are not economically viable for most people and aren’t that easily available too.


Cleaning kit: These specially-designed kits have different tools to clean various parts of your phone but considering the amount of germs your phone harbors, it may be difficult to clean it all the time.


Soap & water: Several people resort to cleaning phones with soapy liquids or disinfectants. These may keep it clean temporarily, but can also damage your phone in the process.


Phone covers: While you may protect your phone from external damage and water, phone covers do not act as barriers from germs. This is because when you use your phone, the screen cover is off. You may be able to lessen the number of germs using flip covers that do not have to be lifted while making a call.


Screen guard: These essentially protect your phone’s screen from scratches, sweat and water seeping in to an extent but the dirt and dust will still settle on it if not on your screen directly.

Perhaps the best way to get rid of germs from your phone is with water. You can practically do it anywhere and quite frequently. It is also economical and does not take much time. But unless your phone is waterproof, it is not feasible to do so. Probably, your best bet  is to use a phone that can be washed with water. Sony has launched a new wash-friendly phone called Sony Xperia M4 Aqua that can be washed under a tap of running water to keep it clean and germ-free.” “(TheHealthSite)



– Teish


Sugar Cane For Breakfast

I’ll be the first to admit that even for a tropical island girl, I am a little off beat! For some reason I decided to enjoy this Sugar Cane for Breakfast.

Of course these babies grow here in paradise. Sugar for breakfast you might ask? Even I was surprised about the benefits of drinking this diabetic friendly drink. Benefits I found on Indobase are listed below. Hop over to the nutritional facts at Nutrition Base.

Health Benefits of Ganne ka ras (Cane Juice) by Indobase

 Sugar Cane

  • Cane juice contains no simple sugars; hence, it can be enjoyed by diabetics without any compromise with the health. Regular consumption of cane juice not only results in stable glucose levels but also helps in losing weight.
  • Cane juice contains sugar in raw form which is good for health. It contains essential nutrients and minerals, unlike the refined sugar which is devoid of any nutrients and minerals, and can cause health problems in sugar-sensitive people. Contrarily, cane juice is free from such problems.
  • Cane juice helps in the treatment of jaundice, a condition characterized by the yellow pigmentation of the skin and membranes caused due to elevated levels of billirubin in the body fluids and poor liver function. Consuming one glass sugarcane juice mixed with lime provides relief in jaundice and helps in speed recovery.
  • Studies have proved that cane juice, diluted with lime juice and coconut water, greatly helps in burning sensation or dysuria, associated with urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, kidney stones and prostatitis. Cane juice may be effective in treating scanty urination by promoting clear urine flow and proper kidney function.
  • Studies have proved that regular consumption of cane juice can replace proteins lost during certain febrile disorders, such as fever.
  • It is extremely beneficial during micturation due to high acidity, genorrhoea, enlarged prostate, cyctitis and nepthritis. To extract the best benefits of cane juice, dilute it with lime juice, ginger juice and coconut water.
  • Since cane juice can be easily digested, it provides instant energy to the body and hydrates the body, thereby being extremely helpful in summers. Even though cane juice has high sugar content, it is good for diabetic patients due its low glycemic index.
  • Cane juice is very helpful in preventing and treating sore throat, cold and flu.
  • Due to its alkaline nature, sugarcane juice helps the body in fighting against cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer.
  • Cane juice has the ability of strengthening the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain and sex organs.
  • Fresh and natural, cane juice is a great alternative for aerated drinks and cola which contain artificial sugars.
  • Cane juice contains several essential nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorous, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Sugar Cane For Breakfast

Sugar Cane Cut

More About Sugarcane Juice

Read more.

Until next time! -Teish

Post Hurricane Joaquin Freeport Bahamas Update & Hurricane Relief Grand Bahama


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Here’s my post hurricane update: It’s been sunny skies from the day Joaquin came near my particular island up until the day it left. It passed on the side of us. I’m so grateful! We’ve had more than our share in the past. Right now I’m arranging to help others who haven’t been so fortunate. A couple other islands are completely devastated. Some people are left with only the clothes they had on their backs. I know what it’s like and I am now supporting the Hurricane Joaquin Relief Project. Thanks for your concerns!


Drop off all donations to Hurricane Relief Grand Bahama:

Control Chemicals (Old ice cream place on Queen’s Hwy) – Has the Containers Ready to load up with donated goods. Below is an idea of what is needed most in terms of donations.

I applaud the team of volunteers who were able to assist with packaging the donations at Control Chemicals. More volunteers are needed. More items are needed especially water, food, building supplies and cleaning products.

What to donate:



& items listed in the photo below:


Photo by Sharon T

Photo by Sharon T

hurricane joaquin Relief Project - Grand Bahama 6 hurricane joaquin Relief Project - Grand Bahama 5

Photo by Sharon T

Photo by Sharon T

Photo by Sharon T

Photo by Sharon T

Photo by Sharon T

Photo by Sharon T

Photo by Sharon T

Photo by Sharon T

Photo by Sharon T

Photo by Sharon T

Hurricane Joaquin strong as Hurricance Andrew and Hurricane Katrina


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Just thought it would make sense to take a look at some strong storms that have similar origins and appear to be capable of similar levels of impact. Kindly review the information and videos below about Hurricane Joaquin, Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 storm was similar to Hurricane Joaquin and I say this because it was one of the most devastating storms in the last decade. Ironically, its path is not very different from that of Joaquin.

Remembering Hurricane Katrina:

NEW ORLEANS - AUGUST 29: A woman is taken ashore after being trapped in her home in high water in Orleans parish the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina August 30, 2005 in New Orleans. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

NEW ORLEANS – AUGUST 29: A woman is taken ashore after being trapped in her home in high water in Orleans parish the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina August 30, 2005 in New Orleans. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Was79506 WEATHER KATRINA WEATHER KATRINA Was79494 WEATHER KATRINA Hurricane-Katrina-Powerful-Photos-312-1000x654



Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew imprinted itself in our hearts and minds in 1992. It is already 23 years later. Similar to Hurricane Joaquin, Andrew was also a category 4 Hurricane for sometime before it eventually intensified into a category 5 hurricane. Andrew’s winds were up to 175 mph.

hurricane andrew 1992

andrew - homeless

Hundreds of thousands of South Floridians were homeless due to the impact of Hurricane Andrew.

Read more facts about hurricane Andrew here on Huffington’s post.

The Calm Before the Storm – hurricane joaquin is almost here

calm before the storm - bahamas beach - freeport bahamas
sunset bahamas beach

beach and clouds bahamas beach and sky bahamas boulder rock on bahamas beach

calm before the storm - bahamas beach - freeport bahamas

The calm came right before the storm. Hurricane Joaquin is travelling and I decided to take a stroll along the beach yesterday. I saw some unusual activity in the water as I sat on the shore. First I saw fish swimming rapidly, then I glimpsed a few of them swimming sideways. After a long time gazing at the open water. A white fin surfaced and then a couple more came up. It was a shark family. Don’t ask me what those are called. There’s a big difference between a beach bum and a deep sea diver!


A few sharks were swimming extremely close to the shore. Even as a Bahamas local it was unusual for me to see. It seemed as if they were hanging out as far away from the traveling storm as possible.

The beach was beautiful yesterday also, because of the sharky visit, I am just happy I didn’t bother to pack my swim suit for this beach trip – more like a beach drive (as most beaches are barely 10 minutes away).

On a more serious note I really hope people are preparing for this storm.

If you live in an area that will experience the bands of this storm please prepare. It is much stronger than Katrina and the others that made it to the US. To all of my Bahamian and American friends please stay safe, do not take this storm lightly. It is better to be safe and over prepared than caught off guard. Be safe.

hurricane joaquin

Hope you enjoyed my shots of the calm before the storm.

teish bahamas beach