Benefits of playing Scrabble

If you have always admired the way strangers friends or families just put words together, ever so effortlessly, perhaps you should consider getting your game on. What game can help with that? Some good old wholesome Scrabble! What is Scrabble? It is a board game that puts letters together to form words. Best way to push yourself to expand your diction is to relax and have fun with it. There are lots of benefits of playing Scrabble in addition the obvious fun part. The more you play this board game the better you get at it and the more rewarding it would be you in many ways including: mentally, socially and emotionally.

Some people proudly proclaim wonders Scrabble did for them with their spelling. The thing about the game that people enjoy most is the everyday usage words they have discovered and words they have not even thought of. The more you play the game better it gets!


Mental benefits of playing Scrabble are truly rewarding ones. For some this particular benefit is the most valuable. Such benefits include mathematical ones such as exercising the ability to add. Other benefits incorporate strategy and Spelling skills. A unique skill developed from playing Scrabble is known as anagramming or “forming words or phrases by rearranging its letters.” –

Playing Scrabble enables you to exercise your addition skills; those letters simply aren’t going to count themselves so count on!

If you are a competitive gamer you would soon realize the importance of strategizing your every letter. Strategy is a useful skill for school, the workplace and for everyday situations. It is one that you would want to take with you as you go through life.

Studies have suggested that the decades of playing intensive Scrabble has positive effects on cognitive abilities.

Because of the mental benefits that have been discovered about this nifty game, it was able to creep its way into foreign language learning programs and the like.

On the other hand, social benefits of playing Scrabble include: having family, friends, colleagues, classmates and others spend quality time together. For families, playing this board game, helps to foster communication, competitiveness and confidence among relatives. As for schools, Scrabble provides a way for students and teachers to expand their repertoire. It is also a fun way for students to learn words for their English language classes in particular.


Emotional benefits of playing Scrabble are closely related to the social benefits. After proving socially that you can indeed master the game and master words in general; you should feel really good about yourself and about life.


Scrabble is a fine game, and a game that is suitable for almost all ages. It is a game that never gets old because one uses everyday letters to create not so everyday words. Words you learn are yours to keep, as they will never really leave you.

If you were to think about your early learning years you would soon realize because you enjoyed how certain subjects were presented you were eager to learn more. Not only did you end up learning more as you went through your early schooling years; but you have also retained the lessons that included some form of activity or in your mind back then better known as “fun!” Likewise, the greatest benefit of playing Scrabble is having fun!


1 thought on “Benefits of playing Scrabble”

  1. Scrabble has improved my vocabulary and spelling to a great extent. I often play Scrabble online because, its easy to find an opponent. I love scrabble! Thanks for this article.

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